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Skincare Shop With Me At ULTA | Antibacterial Face Masks https://www.hmnkind.com/discount/MASKING
(NOTE I was wearing mine upside down all freaking day and it kept slipping wear ur masks right side up bbs) https://www.hmnkind.com/discount/MASKING
All of my merch is youtuber merch I’m a fashion icon I know

My acne patch is from Zitsticka: Zitsticka: Code ZITSAVER gets you 10% off! https://click.linksynergy.com/fs-bin/click?id=fyXFHBJyunE&offerid=859461.7&type=3&subid=0

Pacifica Beauty Acne Cleanser https://rebrand.ly/pacifica
Truly Beauty Accai Your Bobs With Retinol https://shop-links.co/1732812355528569172
Love Your Imperfections Pimple Patches: Blemish Treatment Acne Heart Patches https://shop-links.co/1732812435860553650
Truly Beauty Acne CBD Toning Gel https://shop-links.co/1732812400221702654
Mary Jane CBD Bubble Bath https://shop-links.co/1732812588007757939
Dew You Love Me? Jelly Face Mask https://shop-links.co/1732812325992888786
BeautyPie Vitamin C Capsule (Elizabeth Arden/Olay/Rodan And Fields Dupe) https://rebrand.ly/beautypie
They were kind enough to provide $50 off for any of these products with code CASSANDRASENTME
Bliss Clear Genius Cleanser Clear Genius Clarifying Gel Cleanser https://shop-links.co/1732812625468044763
Bliss Clear Genius Toner Essence https://shop-links.co/1732812649637167738
Pacifica Beauty Acne Cleanser https://rebrand.ly/pacifica
Dermalogica Physical SPF Invisible Physical Defense Sunscreen SPF 30 https://shop-links.co/1732812679916783774
NYX Foundation https://shop-links.co/1732812870476317078
Mario B Silver Powder https://shop-links.co/1732812819267210819
Pacifica Beauty AHA BHA Peel (more gentle than the ordinary, leave on 15 mins) https://rebrand.ly/pacifica
Derma E Scar Sunscreen SPF 35 https://shop-links.co/1732812784882689232

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A pro makeup is undoubtedly every girl’s dream. We ferret out magazines, videos and books on makeup and purchase the most expensive cosmetics along with those makeup brushes or a set of them but when it comes to using them and finally getting a look we always desired goes into vain because we do not know how to properly use them. What you need to know is the magazines and all other interviews are performed by a pro makeup artist having years of experience in the very field and you cannot get the look instantly.

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