The Perfect Hand Care Routine For Soft & Healthy Hands!

We give so much importance to our face, treating it with the best skincare products ranging from cleansers and toners to moisturizers and serums, but what about our hands? They’re one of the most used parts of our body and also require a good amount of care to keep them clean, smooth & soft! Hi, I’m Mohana and today I’ll be taking you through an entire hand care routine while reviewing some of the most unique and affordable products out there! Starting with clean dry hands should always be the first step in your hand care routine whether you’re going in for an expensive spa treatment or just putting on your favourite nail polish at home! This beauty product is supposed to be the perfect solution to dry and overworked hands! It’s a dual purpose hand cream that works well as a moisturizer as well as a sanitizer! So let’s go ahead and open this beautiful packaging to see what’s inside.

So what struck me about this product is that it has a very refreshing lavender and peppermint scent that I hope lasts on my skin for a while. Along with the beautiful packaging, this tube makes the product really travel-friendly! Like you would with any other cream just dot on the moisturizer and thoroughly massage it into your palms, the back of your hands and between your fingers as well! Although I thought the scent was really refreshing at first, it turned out to be more medicinal than fragrant, after I had it on my hands for a while.

The consistency of the product wasn’t what I had expected. It turned out to be more of a gel rather than having a creamier finish, and it didn’t hydrate my hands as much. The one benefit of this product, is that unlike other sanitizers, it’s alcohol free. If you’re someone who enjoys frequently sporting colorful gel manicures or changing up your nail art during the upcoming festive season, a nail hardener is an absolute essential in your nail care kit! It’s basically a clear base coat that acts as a protective layer to strengthen your nail bed and keep it healthy! Minimalistic packaging is always a winner with me and this white bottle with gold accents is sure to find a place on my dressing table! Along with the beautiful packaging, is also a budget & travel-friendly product! Apply a generous layer of this onto your nails like you would with a regular nail polish and wait for it to dry completely. You can apply this on your toe nails as well. Make sure you reapply this every 2 days and say goodbye to weak and brittle nails! This product also contains Jeju green tea and tangerine oil extracts which will make your nails stronger and healthier.

Another much needed addition to your nail care routine should be a cuticle oil! This product almost always gets overlooked but is in fact, essential to hydrate and moisturise the nail and cuticle area. This cuticle oil has a unique roll-on ball applicator unlike others that I’ve seen that come in tubes or nail polish bottles. This makes it really easy to use and mess-free! This product is also incredibly budget-friendly and it can be tossed into your bag and applied whenever necessary! So go in with this cuticle oil all over your nail bed and cuticles with clean dried hands or after a manicure. If you have extremely dry cuticles like me then apply a layer of this every night and do this religiously if you want to see a difference! So being a herbal oil, this is free of all chemicals and toxins making it perfect for sensitive skin.

This oil, fixes dry and cracked nails and repairs and protects your cuticles. This product also contains Jojoba oil, which softens the nail plate and has anti-fungal properties. It’s time to stop making excuses for your hands! Now that we’ve given you everything you need to know, to keep your hands soft, clean and beautiful it’s time to invest in these affordable products! and until next time stay tuned stay Glamrs..

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