Makeup Trends Everyone Will Be Trying In 2021

Makeup trends tend to reflect where we are as a society given that many of us barely left our houses in 2020 a move closer to the no makeup look makes a lot of sense from dewy skin to untamed brows here are the makeup trends experts say you’ll be trying in 2021.

Good news for all the skincare lovers natural skin will be the thing in 2021 given that many of us haven’t put on a full face of makeup in months this is great according to harper’s bazaar the natural skin look was all the rage at the spring 2021 fashion shows where models wore makeup that was subtle and relaxed worried that your skin needs a new skincare routine dry products like gentle face cleansers and vitamin c serums that will help with brightness and scarring staying home has given us the perfect opportunity to improve our skin.

It looks like 2021 will be the year to show it off a cat eye has been a staple trend in the makeup world for decades and rightly so if done well it looks effortless chic and sophisticated but the cat eye has been done so many times that it was in need of a reboot thanks to iconic makeup artist pat mcgrath the look has been completely revamped during the paco rabanne spring 2021 show the redefined cat eye was all the rage though instead of the sharp and highly pigmented trend we’re used to the new look featured blurred lines giving off a subtle vibe that still felt rocker chic.

So why has the cat eye stuck around for so long it reportedly dates back as far as ancient egypt when legendary ruler cleopatra was purported to wrap dark liner around her eye according to vogue eyeliner wasn’t just a beauty statement but a way to ward off curses so take it from vogue practice your eyeliner skills and try out this new cat eye trend for 2021 to protect you from the evils of the world not today satan not today instead of opting for the clumpy mascara look of the early 2000s or the dramatic addition of full-on false eyelashes you may find that fluttery lashes with the more natural finish will be all the rage in 2021.

Noor agha a national makeup artist for ysl beauty told harper’s bazaar that eyelash extensions will complement the no makeup natural glam look nicely and will keep the overall aesthetic of the 2021 makeup trends clean and sweet while agha predicts that eyeliner and a touch of mascara will continue to be a constant in everyone’s makeup routine the expert also says you should be prepared to invest in some eyelash extensions in the new year the parisian look has always had a place in the world of makeup trends we’ve all tried to master the red lipstick and the effortless cat eye.

Going hand in hand with the other more natural trends on the horizon you can expect this trend to be big in 2021 as well thanks to its attributes of less eye makeup less foundation and a heavier focus on the lips think about this scenario as you get ready for the day instead of spending half an hour on foundation and contouring you instead throw on a bb cream and a hint of mascara then spend the rest of your time in front of the mirror perfecting an effortless red lip sharing her expertise for a feature.

In vogue french makeup artist violet said that red lips are basically a beauty accessory and a look that’s best worn without much else on the face so couple that look with a pair of your favorite jeans and a t-shirt and you’ll be the trendiest person the side of paris given that the summer of 2020 consisted more of staying indoors and entertaining ourselves rather than going to the beach in cabo.

It’s no wonder if our skin is looking a little pasty and it’s clear that designers and makeup artists have picked up on that because the makeup trend of rosy cheeks is set to take hold in 2021 speaking in an interview with vogue makeup artist romy solomani said that dewy colourpop cheeks will be the latest look for face makeup in the new year but instead of a powder blush that typically dries out the skin solamoni said that a creamy rouge will be the way to go claiming it gives you the most natural non-cosmetic effect adding an awoken quality to the skin.

Honestly we needed to hear that because 2020 has robbed us of both sleep and sunlight and a little bit of rouge might be just the thing we need thanks to the minds of great makeup artists the 80s bold lip is coming back in a big way in 2021 and we’re 100 ready for it ysl beauty makeup artist noor agha told harper’s bazaar that even though nude shades will be the biggest lip trend in 2021 bright and bold shades will also be able to carve out their own eye-catching place during the year.

The return of this makeup trend that was initially made iconic among the likes of david bowie can be credited to more modern rock stars like miley cyrus pushing the fashion envelope both forward and a little backward at the same time when it comes to makeup bold colors are often known to exist mainly in eye shadow palettes when you think of kylie jenner’s eyeshadow looks or james charles insane eye shadow palettes it seems like color really only belongs on her eyelids and nowhere else but don’t think you need to restrict yourself to red lips or a bear look in 2021 don’t be afraid to go bold fashion designers like kunihiko morinaga are forecasting big bright unusual colors.

In the year to come and the trend appears to be catching on so for 2021 trade out that tired dusty pink lipstick and go for a bright blue or green on your lips and before you say i could never pull that off just remember that it’s confidence that turns heads and serves trend-setting looks you got this okay you are a smart confident woman who’s in charge of her own destiny.

When we think of bold cartoon-inspired eye makeup the first person who comes to mind is twiggy known for her large animated eyes and distinct mascara eyeliner look twiggy became synonymous with bold eye makeup but his trends have evolved so too has cartoon inspired eye makeup in 2021 we’ll bring the latest mix up to the forefront makeup artist isamaya french was the creative vision behind the animated eye look that dominated the jamba t-stuff volley 2021 fashion show which added such a huge dimension to the overall aesthetic a similar eyeliner look was also sported by models during paris fashion week.

So if you’re handy with the eyeliner and are down to experiment with this bold eye design listen up you’ll want a trusted black eye pencil a lot of makeup wipes for your eyeliner mistakes and most likely a pigmented black eyeshadow to create the look opt for simple lips and natural skin as the eye design should be what stands out this reimagined look will definitely be one of the best makeup trends.

In 2021 designer john bautista volley not only included daring eyeliner looks into his spring 2021 collection but working with makeup artist isamaya french the makeup trends he served up verged into the androgynous arena and we’re completely here for it volley told vogue that the aesthetic he created was a result of introspection and that he was mindful of taking care of one’s soul in psyche while putting together.

The looks volley wasn’t the only designer with gender non-conforming looks in mind prada opted for very androgynous outfits on their 2021 catwalk according to vogue they also incorporated very simple makeup looks in their collection additionally makeup artist pat mcgrath opted for perfecting foundation and a hint of taupe eyeshadow for the designer labels look if you want to adopt this makeup trend for the coming year you’ll want to think less is more select a foundation with a matte finish.

Use concealer only when necessary and give your brows a sculpted look the lines of masculine and feminine makeup looks are only merging so this trend is definitely on track to be among the best of 2021 the makeup queens of the early 2000s know that chunky glitter was all the rage back then and luckily for us the makeup trend has come back in a much more refined way in part due to the success of the hbo show euphoria daniela davey head of the show’s makeup department told the hollywood reporter that she drew inspiration for the show’s makeup looks from gen z social media accounts.

She said gen z is completely redefining what makeup can and should be used to do by embracing a total freedom and expression and defying beauty and makeup norms i love seeing how these young artists and humans are flipping the whole idea of beauty and makeup on its ass we need to use more glitter more rhinestones brighter colors if we’re using blue it has to be electric blue we’re using pink hot pink like we need to really go for it.

The bold glittery looks were on full display during all of the 2021 fashion weeks with many designers opting for a stunning sparkling eye look so bust out your wallet and head over to your local craft store because glitter sequins and sparkle with a hint of moodiness allah the characters of euphoria will be one of the best makeup trends in 2021 let’s be honest things kind of went downhill in 2020 including some of our self-care habits grooming schedules and lipstick routines but honestly designers may have picked up on this because untamed brows will be a makeup trend in 2021 that’s good news for those of us who haven’t been able to get our eyebrows threaded since march of 2020.

According to elle designers like blue marine opted for their models to have a very wild untamed brow look on the 2021 fashion runways and we’re kind of here for it think frida kahlo meets glam and that’s the look that they went for makeup artist is samaya french shared a very similar untamed brow look she did on herself on her instagram page as well solidifying that big brows will be one of the best makeup trends in 2021.

So don’t worry if you can’t make it to that eyebrow appointment or think that your natural eyebrow shape is too crazy for this world help bring this trend to the forefront and you won’t be disappointed wearing face masks to protect ourselves and others from kova 19 is the new normal and makeup trends have changed to accommodate it some people are just putting makeup on the top halves of their faces while others are focusing strictly on eye makeup and some are saying goodbye to makeup altogether.

But if you’re looking for a way to keep your makeup look on point follow the lead of designer ana swee and go for this look she put together in her 2021 collection the models had small delicate floral designs painted around their temple and forehead area as well as around their eyes the subtle brush work turned out beautifully and since a lot of us have more time on our hands than ever before you can definitely practice your skills before rocking this new makeup trend all in all 2021 is about being bold in your looks and embodying the confidence to pull off a blue lipstick an untamed brow or a face painting it’ll be the year to push the envelope in a way that hasn’t been done before so just go for it.

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