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Hey guys so in this video, I’m gon na show you how to rejuvenate and take care of your skin cat. The human wants to say hi everyone sup going on okay. So in this video, I’m gon na give you a very in-depth tutorial on how to rejuvenate your skin, and these are the tips that I personally use myself. So I know this works really simple, I’m keeping it to 5 tips, so the first one, the most important is to cleanse your skin to clean it. The key to rejuvenation is making sure that your skin is clean, so it can absorb all the essential good products that you’re putting on it.

So you want to make sure that any cleanser that you’re using is effective, especially if you’re someone that’s wearing a lot of makeup or you have waterproof mascara. I know this is unconventional to what you guys hear, but try using cleansing oils instead of facial soaps or any harsh chemical soaps that are out there on the market doesn’t necessarily mean you have to spend a lot of money.

You can go as simple as extra-virgin olive oil, and this is honestly my favorite makeup, remover and also homemade cleanser. It’S so homemade. You can just literally use it from the bottle. If you’re going to be using an extra virgin olive oil, you want to find one. That’S certified organic, especially if you’re putting it on your face. You don’t want to use something that is low quality, so find a certified organic extra virgin olive oil to apply in your face. It’S going to melt down the makeup. It’S going to be easy to remove and also it’s going to help nourish the skin too, just because it doesn’t strip away the natural oils that are already on my face, but it helps break down the products at the same time, without irritating my skin.

For those who are worried about like acne prone skin, just because you’re using oil on the skin does not mean it’s going to make it any more oily. In fact, it’s actually going to help nourish the skin and keep it from getting more irritated. So, instead of using any harsh chemicals, look for a product that is more organic, has less alcohol less parabens and find something that is more gentle on the skin. So this is why I recommend using oils on the skin when it comes to cleaning and removing any makeup – and I know, there’s gon na be nights when you’re going to be super lazy when it comes to removing makeup. However, if you find time to brush your teeth, you can definitely find time to remove the makeup, so just invest in a good makeup remover.

This is one that I love by Kummer lab. What I like about these cleansing wipes is that it doesn’t feel like a makeup remover, where, once you remove the makeup, your skin feels dry, there’s added moisturizer in here, and it feels more hydrating when you’re removing the makeup instead of just stripping everything dry. So, whenever I’m feeling lazy, primer lab cleansing veil is my go-to makeup.

Remover step number two is to treat your skin and there’s different ways you can treat it. One of my favorite ways to treat the skin is to use a clay mask. This is one by Cal Lian, it’s a Korean brand. Ever since I’ve been using this I’ve noticed that my pore size decreased dramatically. It’S amazing – and I know, there’s bentonite clay and other organic natural ingredients, pretty sure there’s like magical ingredients in here, but it really works. Clay mask is a great way to clean out any impurities and toxins from your skin. What it does that it draws it all out, and it removes it and it brings it to the top of the skin so that you can just rinse it right away.

Find a clay mask that works really well for you. You can find really good ones at Whole Foods. I know there’s a lot of really good natural ones that you can use and also the old-fashioned trick that I used when I was in college unscented, kitty litter. I know that sounds crazy. I have a cat, so I know how crazy that sounds, but a lot of the times when you look at the ingredients of unscented kitty litter, especially organic unscented, kitty litter. It’S really just bentonite clay and bentonite clay is found in expensive or very well made clay masks like these that you can find on the market.

It’S crazy and what you do is you take the powder of the kitty litter you wet it, and then you apply it on your face. Just like a clay mask and you rinse it off another treatment that I love using is a honey asked and what makes honey so unique. Is that it’s nature’s antibiotic? So not only will it help lighten the skin, but also has healing properties in there too, where it helps heal the skin and nourish it. My favorite honey to use is manuka honey. It’S much more rich in antibiotics than normal honey that you find on the market around the grocery store shelves and it’s a little more expensive.

So if you are on a budget, manuka honey might be a little more expensive, but I love it because I don’t just use manuka honey for my face. Whenever I have a sore throat or if I’m feeling sick, I take a teaspoon of manuka honey. I just eat it and the next day my throat feels better and I don’t feel as sick, so it’s really a wonderful way to heal the body and the skin. I do this twice a week where I apply manuka honey.

On my face. I leave it for about five to 10 minutes and then I rinse it off and my skin just feels amazing. So this is a really great way to treat and nourish your skin and if you’re feeling a little fancy, then I recommend using a really good well-made. Skin mask and this one is by Innisfree. I discovered this brand when I was in Korea, and I found the store and I loved every single product that they had in there. It’S amazing quality, they believe in organic natural products and what I love about this mask is that it’s a two-step process, so you have the serum.

That’S attached up here that you peel off and you apply on your face. It’S vitamin C, and then you apply the mask on and right when you remove it, your skin just feels brand spanking new if buying mask like this is a little too expensive for you there’s a way to make your own. It’S really simple.

All you need are rectangle square cotton sheets like this and essence. What essence does is that it’s softens the skin, it lightens it and it also helps prepare it for all the other products that you’re going to apply on later. So what I do is I take the essence. I douse it all over the cotton pads.

I let it sit for 10 seconds and then I start stretching it out, and then I peel it layer by layer applying it all over my face, leaving it for about ten minutes. It’S good enough and then just peeling it off and your skin is going to feel so fresh and so rejuvenated, and then it’s ready for step number three step. Number three is to tone the skin. So when it comes to toners, you want to be careful with.

What’S on the market right now, because there’s a lot on the market that has a lot of alcohol in it and what alcohol does that it dries the skin. That’S the exact opposite of what you want to do, so you want to find a toner that doesn’t have a lot of alcohol like this one by B the skin. This is by far one of the best toners I’ve ever used.

I love it and besides using this toner, sometimes I’ll switch it with apple cider, vinegar. This apple cider, vinegar, is by far the best that I’ve ever used. It’S called Solana gold, it’s all organic again. You can find this one at Whole Foods or you can buy it online. I’Ll. Add the link below. I love this one because it’s raw, it’s unfiltered. So what I do. I take two cotton pads, one soaked in water, one soaked in apple, cider, vinegar.

I wipe my face with apple cider, vinegar and then I wipe off with water, and I just keep doing it back and forth until my skin get that tingly sensation, you don’t want to use apple, cider, vinegar raw on your face, because it might sting a little Too much and it might be a little too strong for the face and that’s why I recommend offsetting it with water, so water, apple, cider, vinegar and just start mixing it up and your skin is going to feel incredible. It’S going to be like.

Thank you. So much for not piling on all these chemicals on my face and giving me something that is natural and raw step. Number four is to nourish the skin. You want to find ingredients that are good for the skin. That’S going to give it that luminosity, so finding products like vitamin C that you can apply all over your skin is going to help give it that boost, and it’s going to help produce more collagen.

This one I found on Amazon is by all Naturals it’s by far one of my favorite vitamin C serum, it’s 20 % vitamin C, which is pretty potent another serum that I love is by B, the skin and boy. Is it super powerful? So two pumps is all you need and what you want to do is, after toning, your skin, you want to apply the serum on first before moisturizer and just patting it all over the skin. A serum is kind of like a moisturizer that has a boost of power. Think of it like a moisturizer without the moisturizing benefits, but it has all the popped, potent ingredients in it. For example, let’s say you don’t have the best diet, but you take supplements.

Serums are like that you may not have the best skincare routine, but using a serum will make a world of a difference because you’re adding a lot of powerful active ingredients on the face, they’ll help, heal and nourish the skin. Another good vitamin to use on the skin is vitamin A or they call it retinol, and this one I use is by I obey. I love this one. You don’t need a prescription to get this retinol, you can just buy online or over the counter. What I do is I take a little bit of retinol. I apply it on my forehead, my nasolabial folds a little bit on my crow’s feet area and the rest around my cheeks, and what this does, that it helps the cell turnover faster so that your skin rejuvenates much faster.

But you have to be a little careful because retinol can dry out your skin, so make sure you apply on a really good moisturizer afterwards, or else your skin is going to start flaking and it’s going to get really irritated. If you need something stronger, then you can start using a retinoid cream and this is prescription only. So I have one that’s point: zero five percent – and I use this one to start around my forehead and again nasolabial, folds and boy. It really does make a difference, and I know this is really strong, because sometimes I find that my skin can feel a little dry.

So I used just a little bit, but my personal favorite is the one that you can get over the counter which is not as strong as the prescription, one alright guys. So the final step step number five is to hydrate your skin find a good moisturizer. That is not going to feel greasy or heavy on the skin. People tend to think the heavier the moisturizer the better, but that works better for older skin. If you have younger skin or you’re below 50, you don’t really want something. That’S too heavy something that is light, refreshing and hydrating, but that’s not going to weigh the skin down one that I use every other night. Is this one by aromatic ax? It’S a beautiful moisturizer! I love the texture. It comes with a nice little scoop so that you don’t really contaminate it and you scoop it out and break the product down between your fingers and you Pat it on the face, and your skin will feel like a baby but smooth the next morning.

It feels so good and it doesn’t feel as greasy or oily another moisturizer. I love using besides this one. Is an oil based moisturizer same brand aromatic ax. It doesn’t have to be this oil. It can be like argan oil, olive oil, coconut oil, any oil. You can safely use on the skin. It’S going to not only help hydrate the skin, but the skin will also feel like it’s natural. So it’s not going to have that irritation. So that’s pretty much the final step: hydrate the skin, moisturize it and you’re pretty much ready to sleep and rest. Whenever you’re shopping, don’t compare prices, don’t look at what’s expensive!

Look at what’s effective besides cleaning the face. Hydrating, the skin is the most important and remember guys, don’t neglect drinking water just because you’re putting all these products on the face. Don’T expect miracles because half the battle is also what you put inside the body all right guys. I hope you enjoyed this tutorial. I had so much fun sharing my skincare secrets with you guys, don’t forget to subscribe, to show some support and, let me know if you guys would like for me to share my favorite gadgets that I use on my skin to help rejuvenate it like Claire sonics, Led lighting scrubs best of luck when it comes to rejuvenating your skin.

Don’T worry you got this and make sure not to stress out, because when you stress out your skin is going to stress up so a calm, mind will give you beautiful skin and body love. You guys good luck. You

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