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What’s up, everyone? One of the rules that I live by is that you don’t have to spend a ton of money on high-end makeup to look amazing. Trust me, you can get the exact same look from the drugstore. I do my makeup everyday, even on the show, with makeup that I got at the drugstore, super inexpensive, and guess what? I’m about to show you all of my must-haves right here, the top 10 of my favorite everyday makeup products.

Number one, for my base, I use Master Conceal by Maybelline and I love this product because it really is a camouflage concealer. I use this product, actually, over a lot of my red spots. When you wake up in the morning, you wash your face, you put on your moisturizer, and sometimes, you can see that you have some imperfections, so this is what I use that for. I actually use a brush that I got from the drugstore as well, and I cover up my red spots and also any under-eye circles.

I also use it a bit on my T-zone as well, and then I use my Beauty Blender, which I’m obsessed with. That’s just a must-have staple in my makeup bag, and you’re gonna use that to blend, blend, blend. Another tip is, make sure that you wet your Beauty Blender before you use it under some hot water, some warm water, and then wring it out really, really well, it actually helps to create a dewy look. Gonna cover up, again, anywhere that kind of faded when I used the beauty blender. Layers are everything, it’s all about layering this, little by little. Number two, I contour, and I use Maybelline Fit Me. It’s a foundation stick, but I actually use it as a contour because the texture and the color is absolutely perfect.

I like to take this time to become a child again and just doodle all over my face. It looks a little bit crazy, but don’t be afraid, trust me, we are gonna blend this out. I put it on my forehead, that actually creates a look, like a halo around your head, which I absolutely love and it shortens your forehead as well. So, put it all over my forehead, just doodle like a kid.

You’re also gonna line your nose if you wanna contour it to make it look thinner. So, I actually bring it up from my brows, straight down to the sides, one on each side, then you come around your cheekbones and you create a line. I like to suck my face in like this a little bit. If you notice, I do that a lot, and it helps you find where your cheekbones are and where they should be defined. You also wanna make sure that you get your jawline, that creates a chiseled face effect, and to blend down, ladies. Your neck and your face have to match, they have to look the same color. What I love about this product is that it’s not dry, it’s not a dry stick, it actually holds a lot of moisture, which makes it super easy to move around and blend. Just gave myself a nose job. Number three, it’s time for my concealer. What I love about L’Oreal’s Infallible Pro Glo is that it doesn’t just work as a concealer, it’s actually a corrector, and it can be an amazing highlight.

Not a shimmery one. I like to keep it fun when I’m doing my makeup, so I just create tribal effects, whatever I’m feeling that day. Go under, pat, pat, pat. It’s actually called a stippling effect, and you wanna just pat, pat, pat under your eyes until it’s completely blended. Boom. Number four, powder. I absolutely love the NYX Professional Makeup Finishing Powder in HD because it really sets it all in and it’s HD, so it, like, makes you flawless. It’s in Banana, and a lot of people know about banana powders, but this is a great, inexpensive one that although it looks like a flat powder, I use the brush to actually make it almost like a loose powder, so I shake it up in there real good, and then the key is to use your Beauty Blender, look up so that it doesn’t crease, and somehow find your makeup stick, put it back in the powder, and keep your eyes up while you do it so that it doesn’t crease under your eyes.

Number five is a multipurpose product, I am in love the L’Oreal True Match Lumi Glow Nude. This product can be used in so many ways. First thing you do is go over your contour now with a powder contour. It’s a perfect match, perfect color for a contour, kind of gives you that extra deep crease in your cheekbones, and then I’m actually also gonna use that same color as an eyeshadow and I’m gonna bring that down my nose contour, going from my brow bone in the front, going straight down, and then also using it as an eyeshadow to make my eyes look bigger at the corners of my eyes, at the ends. So, you’re gonna get in there and just kind of fluff it out. So, I don’t stop my shadow here, I actually stop it further out here, and although it’s a light color, it creates an effect that makes your eyes look so much bigger. And then, I use it to highlight. This is the perfect highlight color, you literally can put it right above your cheekbones, right here in the highlight area.

Do y’all see that glow? What? Come through with the glow. I like to dab a little bit over the tip of my nose so that it shortens it, and ladies, make sure that you highlight your cupid’s bow, it’s super sexy and it actually makes your upper lip look a lot fuller. Number six is the NYX Eye & Eyebrow Pencil and I use it for both. First, I use it as an eyeliner to line the top of my eyes ever-so-gently and I actually pull the line out a little further, again, from where my eye actually ends to create a bigger eye. Then, we use the little angled brush that we also got from the drugstore, and we just use that to smudge it out just a little bit more and drag it out a little further.

And then, I move onto my brows. Now, I actually don’t love to fill them in super dark, so make sure that you also use a spooly so that you actually can continue to brush it out as you go along, so it doesn’t look like you put Sharpie on your eyebrows. I naturally have super thin eyebrows, so I like to make them a bit fuller, and fuller brows are on trend right now, so ladies, definitely wanna make your eyebrows fuller, but don’t get crazy.

I think it’s important to follow the natural shape of your eyebrows, and I think if you just follow that and just go just a little bit fuller, and in some points, a little bit darker, that’s the key. Number seven is blush, I am blush-obsessed, I actually think that makes you look younger and that’s never a bad thing. So, this e.l.f. set actually comes with four different colors that are absolutely perfect, and again, multipurpose. I start by using it on my eyes and I personally love putting blush on my eyes, especially for a natural look, it just opens up your eyes. I kinda like to put blush a little bit over everywhere, I think it’s important to also use it wherever you contour, so put it on your cheeks, put it on your forehead, a little bit on the nose.

I absolutely love it because it gives you four different options, and it’s got a great mirror inside as well. Number eight, my favorite drugstore mascara, L’Oreal Extra-Volume Collagen Mascara. My fave. Now, I love this so much because people spend so much money on these really expensive mascaras and this does the job just as well, I promise you, the brush is absolutely perfect and precise, it fluffs them out. I like to use the color, the Blackest Black, or Black Noir is also amazing as well, and this is a timeless product. People have used L’Oreal mascaras forever. Lashes bring the whole look together. Number nine, Revlon Color Stay Lip Liner. This is the perfect nude. It’s called Rose and it literally goes with every single lip color. I believe in contouring your lips, it actually creates that, like, you’ve gotten your lips done, but you haven’t, and that’s cheaper, too. So, you’re gonna use the lip liner to go actually a little further down from where your lip actually is.

You’re definitely gonna go all the way around your lips, make sure you’re going just a little bit outside the line, and then the key is to blend it on the way in. So, you wanna make sure that you cover your lips completely with the lip liner, for two reasons. One, it doesn’t make your fugazi lip liner look all crazy, and number two, it actually makes your lipstick color last longer. And number 10, it’s Revlon’s Super Lustrous Lip Gloss. I like to really get a lot of lip gloss on there, I actually think it creates the look of extra sexy pout, and I think that it actually lasts a lot longer.

Maybe I’m eating up my lip gloss, I don’t know. I hate lip glosses that feel super sticky, where you’re like, “I can’t even talk.” Don’t want that, this feels amazing, and the color is the perfect peachy nude. So, there you have it, that was my drugstore makeup must-haves. I wanna make sure that I’m not missing out on anything, so please comment below and tell me what you guys are using from your drugstore, and make sure that you subscribe. See you next time..

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